5 FREE Classroom Welcome Displays

5 FREE Classroom Welcome Displays

Are you looking for ways to create classroom welcome displays in your classroom? Look no further- here are 5 FREE displays that you can use to create classroom welcome signs and positive classroom environments. 

We are LEARNERS Acronym Poster

WELCOME Acronym Poster

This freebie download comes in a variety of different options- use the design that best suits you to create a door display or bulletin board display!


This rainbow display can be used to create a really welcoming space in your reading corner!

 You can watch to see how I assemble this poster here

Be the I in KIND

I'm all about promoting kindness wherever possible. This interactive display is fantastic for getting kids to take ownership over their own actions, and thinking about ways that they can be kind each and every day! 


If you aren't familiar with the BOUNCE acronym from Pearson Education, it is a fantastic way of encouraging students to bounce back and build resilience when things go wrong. 


B - Bad feelings go away again

O- Other people can help

U- Unhelpful thinking makes you feel more upset

N- Nobody is perfect. Mistakes help you learn.

C- Concentrate on the good things and have a laugh. 

E- Everybody feels sad and worried sometimes, not just you.

Did someone say FREEBEES?!

All of these free downloads can be found in the FreeBee Section of Miss Learning Bee. Click here to access them all. 

If you end up using any of these posters in your own classrooms, I'd love to see them in action! Don't forget to tag me @misslearningbee  on Instagram!