Ideas for Staff Well-being

Ideas for Staff Well-being

Teacher well-being has never been more important. At a time when teachers are more stretched than ever, and so many are walking away from the profession altogether, it is so important that we are prioritising the mental wellbeing of teachers. Teachers need to feel seen, heard and valued. They need to be able to find, or re-discover, the joy in teaching... which is most likely the reason that they became a teacher in the first place! 

It is so important that teacher well-being doesn't become tokenistic- wittled down to a special day or week. It should be ongoing and holistic, so that it becomes embedded into the very fabric of a school and its culture. 

With all that said, some special days or weeks can be a lot of fun too! Here are some of my favourite ways to celebrate staff well-being:

Staff Well-being Week- read more about it here

Staff Dress Up Days- read more about it here

"Kindness" buddies- read more about it here