Fun Cut and Paste Math Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

Fun Cut and Paste Math Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

These simple cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten are a great, low-prep way to practise fine motor skills and math at the same time! Find exactly what you need for your next lesson right here.

The word "worksheet" gets a bad rap sometimes, and honestly, for good reason. Many are overly simplified. They don't always test the student's knowledge, and they can be very limiting, only offering a small window into their skills instead of seeing the full breadth of their understanding. Plus, they're all made from a particular worldview. If the creator was not intentionally inclusive, they might not make sense to English Language Learners or other students who are not part of the dominant culture. 

But sometimes, they're exactly what you need! I like cut-and-paste worksheets because they give kids a chance to try different answers and practise those problem-solving skills in a hands-on way. If they match something in one spot and it doesn't seem quite right, they can always move it to another location later (as long as they haven't glued anything yet)! This allows them to correct themselves and learn to make decisions for themselves! Isn't that the goal?

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Fun Cut and Paste Math Worksheets for Kindergarten Students

These fun cut-and-paste activities will help your students get hands-on practice with a range of math skills, from identifying 3D objects to placing numbers in order and so much more. You'll just need a printer, a glue stick, scissors, and a pencil!

3D Object Hunt Printable Worksheets

These kindergarten worksheets help students practise identifying three-dimensional shapes in the real world. You can either cut out the different shapes for them or let them do it to practise those scissor skills!

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

Free Printable Worksheets for Counting Skills

These free printable cut and paste worksheets are great for kindergarten and preschool kids! Each page has a different theme. On one, you count how many eyes are on the spider; on another, you can count the number of cats on the brooms, etc. 

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

They're a great way to help young learners practise counting and writing the correct number, which builds number recognition. Although they're Halloween-themed, kids enjoy these all year long!

These free worksheets cover 1-10, but there's a second set that covers 11-20 as well!

Cut and Paste Matching Numbers 

This matching activity has students pair the numerals with the written form for each number. You can make it more challenging by having students write the number words themselves!

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

Ordering Numbers

These cut and paste printables offer three different activities to help your students place numbers in the correct order, including sets with 1-5, 1-10, and 11-20. They can cut, trace, and then write the numbers for extra practice, or you can adapt the task based on their current skill level. 

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

I especially like using this as a morning work activity to give kids a bit of extra practice with number order!

Comparing Sizes

Help your students practice big, bigger, and biggest with these easy cut and paste worksheets. They can sort the images provided and then add their own! Open-ended activities like this can really engage your students and get them thinking creatively!

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

Although this can easily be used as a cut and paste activity, I also like to print it on cardstock for a great math center activity!

Odd & Even Numbers Sort

This Odd Todd and Even Steven free craftivity is a fun way to practise sorting 0-9 as odd and even numbers! This skill requires quite a bit of repetition at the beginning, so this is perfect for independent work or small groups!

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

Parts of a Clock Cut and Paste Worksheet

This is a great activity for elementary students in grades K-3 who are learning to tell time! The printable includes all of the numbers and both the hour and minute hands. Use this as a quick assessment to see if they know how clocks work, or have them practise telling time!

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

Here are some more cut and paste worksheets for learning to tell the time:

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

Day and Night Sequencing Worksheets

These sequencing worksheets are a great addition to your time (duration) lessons. Students must cut out the different activities and glue in the correct order.

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

Subitising Worksheets

These number match worksheets are a great consolidation activity for building early number and subitising skills. Students subitise to 5 or 10 with ten frames, dice, dominoes and fingers.

Measuring Halfway Digital Download

When your students are ready to learn common terms for measurement, you'll want to break out this easy activity about length. It uses a story to help explain the concept of length and distance using Sally and the distance to her house. It's also a fantastic way to have your students practice their listening skills!

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

Fine Motor Cutting Practice

These fine motor activities are slightly different from the options above, but are so important for younger children, especially kindergarten and preschool kids. They won't be able to complete any of the math cut and paste activities above if they aren't able to cut! 

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

These super low prep worksheets couldn't be easier. Just print out the pages, then let them cut! They'll be able to practice cutting straight lines, zigzags, squiggles, and more. It's the scaffold your kids need before they can complete the worksheets above!

Here's another cut and paste fine motor activity for students to consolidate their cutting skills:

cut and paste math worksheets for kindergarten

These printable activities are just the start! There are so many wonderful math activities available on The Hive, all using the best evidence-based practices to help your students learn these important skills. You'll even be able to access the entire learning units I've created for kindergarten math, including all the interactive worksheets, apps, videos, and more!

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