Printable Alphabet Matching Worksheets & Activities

Printable Alphabet Matching Worksheets & Activities

Help your students learn their letters with these alphabet matching worksheets! In this post, I'll share a variety of tools and activities to make this easier and more fun than ever before.

Kindergarten students especially spend a lot of time learning the alphabet. From letter identification to letter-sound correspondences and matching uppercase and lowercase, there are so many different skills layered into learning those ABCs!

Fortunately, there are so many ways to teach your students the alphabet letters, like these alphabet worksheets and manipulatives! They'll get your students the extra practice they need to be successful while supporting their fine motor skills and having fun along the way.

Why you need alphabet match worksheets & activities

  • Recognise letter cases: Students need to practice matching upper and lowercase letters together to use them flexibly when reading and writing.
  • Practice letter sounds: It's so crucial that your students can tell you the sounds each letter makes regardless of the case. This takes a lot of practice!
  • Practise fine motor skills: Although you can do this in many different ways, it can be helpful to layer these fundamental skills alongside your instructional materials for extra practice.

Printable Alphabet Match Worksheets

Ready to help your little learners practise their skills? These printable kindergarten worksheets will help them match uppercase and lowercase letters easily. And the best part of all - many of them are FREE!

Alphabet Match Owl Task Cards & Mats

These FREEBIE task cards come in both colour + black & white options. Get your students to match the uppercase letters with the lowercase letters to complete the owl puzzles.

alphabet match worksheet

Also included in the free download are these alphabet match mats, where students must match the lowercase letter owls with the corresponding uppercase letter owls.

alphabet match worksheet

Alphabet Match Cut & Paste Worksheets

This is another free download to support your students with their uppercase and lowercase matching skills! A variety of different templates are included! 

alphabet match worksheet

 And here is another free alphabet match worksheet which you can download:


alphabet match worksheet


Rainbow Alphabet Match Task Cards

These colourful rainbow matching cards are so much fun! Since the rainbows start and end on opposite sides of the image, it can serve as a benchmark to help your students learn which letters are uppercase and which are lowercase.

alphabet match worksheet

Get your rainbow alphabet task cards here.

Christmas Themed Alphabet-Matching Worksheets

These free printable worksheets will help your students match upper case and lower case letters while getting into the holiday spirit.

alphabet match worksheet

Get your free printable here.

More Alphabet Manipulatives & Resources

Matching letters is just the start. Take your literacy instruction to the next level by layering in these alphabet manipulatives, resources, and activities!

Tip: Focus on tools that can be used in multiple ways to make the most of your time and money.

Alphabet Magnets

There are so many ways to use magnetic letters in the classroom and they're perfect for developing alphabet recognition. 

magnetic letters

These foam letters can be used with a magnetic wall or board, so you can get your kids up and moving while they're learning. When they're ready, they can also use them to start spelling out words.

As an alternative, I also love these wooden alphabet letters.

wooden letters

DIY Letter Stones

As another alternative, you can decorate stones with capital letters and small letters for a hands-on, tactile activity.


alphabet match worksheet

 Get the free letter template here. I attach the letters to stones using mod podge

Wooden Letter Tiles

My favourite way to use these wooden letter tiles is to have students use the wooden pencil to trace them, but you can also have them form the letters with play dough or match the uppercase and lower case tiles!

montessori wooden letter tracing

These wooden alphabet tiles are another great alternative for when your students are ready to start building words.

Alphabet Playdoh Mats

These interactive mats are great for preschool or kindergarten! They include both upper and lowercase letters, and students can use play dough to form the shape of the individual letters for a more hands-on, tactile learning experience. They also include images to help build their understanding of letter sounds.

alphabet match worksheet

These would be great to use in preschool or kindergarten!

Alphabet Stamps

These playdough lowercase and uppercase stamps are great for alphabet matching and playdough activities. Since the letters are stamps, students can use them to stamp out the alphabet with lowercase and uppercase letters! 

alphabet stampers

Once students are ready, I also love to use these playdough stampers with task cards to create CVC and CCVC CVCC words.

alphabet manipulatives

 My students also love getting to use these little letter stamps, too! Although it can get messy, they're the perfect size for literacy centers.

alphabet stampers

Lost Letters Alphabet Template

Once your students learn the letters of the alphabet, give them these lost letters templates! They have to fill in the missing letters following alphabetical order.


alphabet match worksheet

I like to use these in pocket charts for independent literacy practice. This makes it easy to print them once and use them again and again!

Letter Tracing Worksheets

These letter, name, and number tracing mats will help your students practice their fine motor skills while learning to form lowercase letters, write out the numbers, and even spell their names.

alphabet match worksheets

 I like to tuck each tracing letter worksheet into a plastic sleeve for students to use repeatedly!

Get your free download here.

Butterfly Catch Printable Activities

Practice those letter recognition skills with this butterfly catch game! You can use it for letters or CVC words, so it's great for kindergarten. Plus, it's much more fun than just filling out letter worksheets!

alphabet match worksheet

Silicon Keyboard Covers

These silicon keyboard covers are so versatile. I use them for typing practice, uppercase/lowercase matching activities, and once students are ready for it, to type out decodable words. They are pictured here with my CVC & CVCC CCVC decodable word cards. I display the cards in Officeworks business card holders.

rainbow keyboard cover

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