22 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Week Cards Ideas

22 Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Week Cards Ideas

Ready to shower your child's teacher or a fellow teacher colleague with love? These teacher appreciation week cards ideas are sure to please!

Although these cards were created for Teacher Appreciation Week, which is during the first full week of May, they're also great for:

  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • The end of the school year
  • Holiday gifts
  • Staff Wellness Week
  • National Teacher Day
  • and anytime you want to say thanks!

I love homemade teacher appreciation cards like these because they're so cute and make assembling gifts for multiple teachers easy. They're the perfect way for parent-teacher associations (PTAs), classified staff, or school administrators to share their gratitude quickly. 

22 Free Teacher Appreciation Week Cards Ideas

Thank you puns always bring a smile- who doesn't love a pun?! Here are some ideas for your next thank you gift!

1. "You're a Koala-ty Part of the Team!"

As an Australian, I'm especially partial to these adorable koala-themed cards. I like to pair them with Caramello Koalas. But, because they're more general, you can pair these homemade cards with any other gift, like candy, chocolates, a small gift card, or more.

teacher appreciation week card ideas

2. "You are out of this Twirl-d!"

Add a Twirl bar to this printable teacher appreciation card, and you're ready to go!



3. "Your Hard Work is Unfrogettable"

This cute card would work for any location or time of the year, but it's especially perfect paired with a Freddo bar!

Get these free printable cards here.

teacher appreciation week card ideas

4. "Your teaching is on point"

These pen-themed cards are a practical gift and token of appreciation. They're especially perfect coming from school administrators during well-being week. 

Splurge on some high-quality pens like these Flair pens to really wow them!

teacher appreciation week card ideas

5. "You're the Cream of the Crop"

If you're hosting an ice cream social for teacher appreciation week, use these free printable teacher cards to invite your favourite teachers to the party! These are also so much fun for a back-to-school party or the end of the year!

teacher appreciation week card ideas

6. Chill Pills

These aren't technically a pun, but they also make a fun, sweet treat for your teacher pals, especially during reports seasons! 

Get the free printables here.

7. Thank You Pun Cards

Teacher Appreciation Colouring Pages or Pun Cards are especially great for the youngest students, these colouring pages are a fun way to say thanks without knowing how to write or spell. 

teacher appreciation week cards
These pun cards are ready to go - simply print and fold in half. There are loads of different puns to choose from - here are just a few!
teacher appreciation week cards

8. Donut Appreciation Cards

Bring a dozen delicious doughnuts to school and share these sweet messages. 

teacher appreciation week card ideas

This teacher appreciation card idea can also be used for paras, aids, and other school staff who make a difference!

teacher appreciation week card ideas

8. You are a Rainbow in my World

Pair these free templates with anything rainbow - rainbow erasers, rainbow lollies, rainbow flowers!

teacher appreciation week card ideas

9. Starburst Thank You

These Starburst-themed thank you cards can be paired with Starburst lollies, or with anything star-related!

teacher appreciation week card ideas

10. You are Royal-Tea!

Pair these tea pun cards with special teabags or a teacher mug!

teacher appreciation week card ideas

11. I Spy an Amazing Teacher 

Pair these I Spy Thank You Cards with any special teacher gift- a bunch of flowers, a sweet treat, a cup of coffee or anything else that will brighten their day!

teacher appreciation week card ideas

12. Amazon Printable Gift Card Holder

If you're unsure exactly what your favourite teachers would like, you can get them an Amazon gift card in any amount and gift them on these clever gift card holders. So cute! You could also use non-Amazon versions with other gift cards e.g. Westfield Gift Card, Target Gift Card etc.

teacher appreciation gift card ideas

These are especially nice when delivered with some extra school supplies to fill the supply cupboard!

13. Manicure Teacher Appreciation Week Gift

If your children's teachers love having painted nails, these manicure thank you cards are the perfect gift! 

You can give them a bottle or two of nail polish or add a gift card to a local spa or nail salon.

teacher appreciation week cards

14. Handmade Card

You don't need anything special to make a thoughtful gift. Invite your student to make their own card for their favourite teacher, or you can jot down a heartfelt note yourself on a blank card.

These gifts can make a huge difference, especially during a challenging school year, and I'm sure your teacher will remember the thoughtful words long after your student moves on to the next grade.

All of my Teacher Appreciation Puns and Cards are FREE - you can download them all from the Freebee Library!

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More teacher appreciation cards & ideas

There are so many cute and clever teacher appreciation gifts and cards on the internet. Here are a few of my favourites from other creators!

15. Decorate a Bulletin Board

Decorate a spare bulletin board with words of encouragement and love for the teachers at your school. This is such a great way to show the whole school how much you appreciate all the teachers.

Another great option is to have the whole class decorate these agamograph cards. When folded, they show a different message depending on the angle you're looking at them from. So eye-catching!

16. Thanks a Bundtch Gift Tags

If you have a bundt cake shop in your town, pair these adorable gift tags with a mini bundt cake for a thoughtful and delicious gift.

17. Prescription Coffee Gift Card Holder

This is one of the best gifts for a coffee fiend! 

Print the coffee prescription card from your home printer, add a gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop, and you're all set!

18. Custom Bookmarks

For National Teacher Appreciation Week, have your child decorate one of these free printable teacher appreciation bookmarks for each of their teachers. 

19. DIY Teacher Gift Card Envelopes

If you're giving your child's teacher a gift card, you can make your own cute gift card holder! 

These gift card holder templates look like a bright red apple; when you open them, the gift is revealed. Such a unique way to give a gift!

20. Accordion Thank You Card

Your teacher won't know what to expect when they receive this little bundle

As they unfold it, they'll reveal a special message of gratitude. It's cute, creative, and a great gift for young students! 

You could easily paint or draw the letters instead of cutting them out, too.

21. Thanks for Helping Me Grow Card

Make your teacher's day by giving them this special note! With a little paint and a handprint, you'll make the flowers for your "bouquet," then add a little pot-shaped paper to complete the look. 

This idea would be great for elementary school in particular.

22. Printable Greeting Cards

If you'd like to tell someone they're the best teacher, you can print these free greeting cards from Greetings Island. There are even customisable ones where you can add the teacher's name and photo on the front for a personal touch.

There are tons of creative and thoughtful gift ideas out there! The important thing is to be sincere. 

I'd much rather read a handwritten note from a parent with a heartfelt message than get a gift card (although those are lovely too). Those customised messages can go a long way and help your child's teacher feel appreciated for their commitment and dedication to their profession.

No matter which card you choose, I'm sure the special teacher in your life will be grateful!