Free Printable First Day of Kindergarten Signs for 2023-24

Free Printable First Day of Kindergarten Signs for 2023-24

Start the 2023-2024 school year off the right way with this adorable First Day of Kindergarten printable sign! Even better, I have two options to share, and they're both cute and editable so that you can make them your own.

The first day of Kindergarten is such a momentous occasion! This is the first official day of school in these students' lives, launching over a decade of learning. Whether you're a teacher or a parent, you can use this cute sign to take first day of school pictures. This is a day to remember! 

Are you a teacher feeling overwhelmed by the back-to-school crunch? Get my First Week of Kindergarten resources to make the start of the school season so much easier! 


For parents, I highly recommend these Preparing for School resources to help them know what to expect during this transition.

An particularly for students who have a hard time with transitions or routines, these customisable School Routine Handouts will help your students know what to expect these first few days.


Free First Day of Kindergarten Printable Signs

Celebrate this special day with these free printable first day of school signs! They're easy to print out and pop in a frame for those first day of school photos. Print them on regular paper or choose white cardstock to make them a little sturdier.

My First Day of Kindy Sign

This first day of Kindergarten sign is in pastel pink and purple and big bubble letters. I like to display this simple design in a picture frame and stick it somewhere the students will be right away when they enter the classroom.  


This file is editable, so you can adjust however you'd like. You can even use them to make a first day of preschool sign or whatever you'd like! There are lots of different options.

Free Printable First Day of Kindergarten Signs for 2023-24

Download your editable first day of school signs here.

Pastel Rainbow First Day of School Sign Printables

This adorable printable photo prop sign can be printed super fast, even at the last minute, right before the kids come through the door! It's an easy way to add a custom photo corner to your classroom for those sweet photos.

Free Printable First Day of Kindergarten Signs for 2023-24

Since it's customisable, you can make a new first day of school sign each year, even if you change grade levels.


Get your free printable signs here

More Back to School Resources

If you're looking for more than just some free first day of school signs, you'll love these printables for the first day of the school year! They help make that stressful first day so much smoother and easier.

Editable First Day of School Printable Crowns

This digital file makes free customizable crowns you can print out and have your students wear for their first day of school photo shoot! Young kids love these, and they're the perfect way to let everyone know they had an amazing first day. Can't you already imagine a sea of little ones heading home with their backpacks and crowns?

Get your crown printables here.

Make a Superhero Door Display

On the first day of school, I like to take a photo of my kids and make custom superhero signs with them! This immediately makes the classroom feel welcoming and is the perfect start to the school year. 


I recommend printing these on white cardstock so that students can take these printable signs home later.

Back to School Magnet

At the beginning of the school year, have your students make these custom magnets to have the perfect place to display their artwork and hard work all year long. This is a great activity for the first week of school and even the first day! Your students will feel much more at ease when they break out the school supplies and get to create.


Get the free printable template here.

Back to School Playdoh Free Printable Signs

The first day can be scary for our kinder friends! These playdoh signs make it easy to get them to focus on something positive and start building amazing creations.

If you like this, you'll absolutely love this magic playdoh free printable!



First and Last Day of School Reflections

Your kids are going to grow and change so much this school year! This free printable download will help you see just how much they'll change this year. The best part is knowing that the parents will want to keep this one forever!


 Get this PDF file here.

School Uniform Colouring Page

Does your school have uniforms? Help your kindergarteners get used to this change by having them draw themselves on these cute, customizable pages.

Get the printable here.

I Survived My First Day of Kindergarten Colouring Page

Whether you want to use this for the first day or week of the current year, it's a great way to celebrate this milestone with the entire class.




Get your copy here.

All About Me for Kindergarten Colouring Pages

What better way to start the school year than getting to know all of your new students! These pages don't have a year on them, so you could use them in 1st Grade or 2nd Grade too.



Get your download links here.

Make a Custom Bulletin Board Together

Invite all of your students to decorate a pineapple to help build a pineapple bulletin board together! This is one of my favourite things to do, and it's a great community builder to make something together from the start.



Beginning of the Year Pineapple Craft.

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Did you download any of these cute first day of school signs? I'd absolutely love to see your back-to-school setup for the new school year! Be sure to tag @mrslearningbee on Instagram to share your setup.