Noun Worksheets for Kindergarten & First Grade

Noun Worksheets for Kindergarten & First Grade

Are your primary students learning about nouns? These kindergarten nouns worksheets will help them understand common nouns, proper nouns, plural nouns, and more!

It's so much fun teaching our little learners the words to describe the world around them. They become so fascinated by the idea of nouns and verbs! Suddenly, they can see the world with new eyes, and they can't help but think about all the different nouns they already know!

Nouns are an especially great concept for this age range because they've already had tons of experiences with the actual words themselves. Your kids have concrete, tangible experiences with dogs, houses, tables, and all the other physical nouns in their lives. 

In this situation, you are moving from the concrete world your students already know to the abstract. Although the concept of a "noun" is abstract, the physical people, places, and things are not. Your students have actual, experienced-based knowledge to support this new idea, which helps them learn it so quickly!

Teaching nouns in the primary grades

The expectations for what your students must learn this year will vary depending on your location. In some areas, students do not explicitly learn nouns in Kindergarten. 

At this age range, you're typically incorporating nouns and pronouns into spoken language, and kindergarteners are typically expected to know how to convert singular nouns to plural nouns when speaking.

In First Grade, students typically need to be able to use plural and possessive nouns, but they are not always expected to know how to spell them precisely.

Interactive Kindergarten Nouns Worksheets & Activities

To help simplify your grammar instruction, I've created many printable worksheets, activities, slideshows, games, and more. There are resources to help your students learn all about the different types of nouns and become pros at recognising them in the world around them! Find the best noun activities and games below.

NOTE: These activities are all geared towards Kindergarten and 1st Grade, but you may also use them in 2nd Grade or above as needed.

Proper Nouns Worksheet

These free printable noun worksheets are all about proper and common nouns.

There is a word sort with images to classify as proper or common nouns, a blank word sort template, and two pages to help students figure out when to capitalise proper nouns and when to use lowercase.

Noun Sorts

If your kids haven't started proper nouns yet, start here. This printable noun sort activity has students classify different images as a person, place, thing, or animal. These free noun worksheets are great for practicing those classification skills!

Types of Nouns Game

I love interactive worksheets and games! They make learning so much more fun, which fits with our goal for play-based learning in Kindergarten.

This simple type of nouns game uses a spinner or dice to have students classify different words as a person, place, or thing. There are 6 different sets included, so you can practise this game over and over again. 


Type of Nouns Slideshow

Give your students plenty of experiences with categorising items as different types of nouns with this interactive noun slideshow! It's very visual and shows the nouns in a scene, which can be much easier than figuring out what the standalone images are on different grammar worksheets. 

There are 150 different slides, and they're all self-correcting to ensure your students get feedback on their responses. It's excellent as a whole class exercise or for review!

Noun Clip Cards

These noun identification skills task cards are a great activity for young learners! They're similar to the other examples above, but your students move the clip to show which type of noun it is. It includes 150 different words, and your kids can either do them independently for practice or play it as a game with a partner.

Parts of Speech Identification Slides

This massive bundle of primary grammar lessons will cover everything your kindergarten students need to know about grammar and much more. 

There are over 300 slides, including resources and activities to practise nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and more. It's ideal for the K-2 crowd but is even helpful for older kids who haven't quite grasped the rules of grammar yet. 

Plural Nouns Rules

Need some resources to help your students learn those trick plural rules? These activities will help so much! You might not need this at this early age, but it'll be very helpful with First Grade students and above!

Lay a foundation for this understanding with this plural nouns slideshow. It will guide you through a sequence of explicit lessons to teach this concept, and it also includes several interactive activities to bring it all together.

This plural rule literacy center includes posters for when and how to make words plural with several printable activities for students to complete.


You can differentiate the activity by deciding how many plural rules you would like your students to focus on.

Build a plural rule display as a class to help your students remember common examples of each spelling pattern.  

Parts of Speech Resources

As you teach the different parts of speech this year, build a knowledge bank with your students! 

These parts of speech posters are a great way to create a permanent set of resources your students can use anytime they need. They include information on nouns in general and then common and proper nouns, with visual examples included. 

I have many of these in various designs, so you can find something that fits your classroom theme!

Looking for more?

You'll love The Hive's growing library of digital learning tools! You can create your own word banks of nouns, verbs, adjectives & more (or use The Hive's growing bank of word lists) and apply them in a range of different learning apps, including our digital flash cards and digital spinner.

Or - why not try our famous Beedle tool? Simply add in a word list, and the kids will love guessing the noun!

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