20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas

20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas

Transform your classroom into an underwater oasis with these under the sea classroom ideas! The sea classroom theme is always a big hit with kids and is perfect for elementary teachers!

Whether you're a brand new teacher choosing your first classroom theme or you're looking for a change of pace, an ocean themed classroom is naturally colourful and soothing with lots of cool blues and greens. Plus, many kids love ocean animals, and they'll be thrilled to be part of Team Octopus or to hang their backpacks by a coral reef!

Whilst I hope that this post provides some under the sea inspiration for you, before you go any further, I recommend reading my article: To Decorate or Not to Decorate. I sum up all the lessons I've learnt over the years in regards to setting up a classroom (Spoiler Alert: I haven't always gotten it right!) and tackle the debate surrounding classroom decorating! Before you start revamping your classroom, take a moment to read this post about the pros and cons of decorating your classroom. It's imperative to consider your students who are sensitive to visual stimulation to ensure your classroom is a suitable learning environment. Plus, you don't have to decorate unless you want to!

20 Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas & Decorations

Below, you'll find photos of my ocean theme classroom to help you get inspired to decorate your own room this school year. There are so many different ways to tie in the ocean theme, so get creative and bring on lots of colours and fun sea creatures!

1. O-Fish-Ally Classroom Door Decoration

By twisting some crepe paper streamers and cutting out some ocean creatures, you can turn your door into the entrance to an underwater sanctuary!

20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas

2. Hanging Jellyfish Ceiling Decorations

Grab a round paper lantern and attach crepe paper or strips of plastic table cloths for a quick DIY jellyfish decoration! These look so great hanging from the ceiling, especially if you have twinkle lights.

20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas
20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas

3. Ocean-Themed Classroom Walls

Use decorative blue paper to turn the walls of your classroom pale blue. I added a sand bar with yellow paper to make it feel like you're walking under the water. The effect is even more powerful for kids who are just the right height!

4. Giant Paper Coral Reef

Using a little paper, you can create a miniature Great Barrier Reef to house your new fish friends. These paper cut-outs look great on bulletin boards or as general classroom decor.

5. Ocean-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

This catching compliments bulletin board is such a colorful addition to any classroom! The paper cups hold compliment cards to celebrate your students' kindness and generosity. Just hang a net on the back wall and add a custom label at the top!

6. Use Nets

Use a staple gun to attach fishing nets to your walls to bring the ocean classroom theme to life!

7. Cut Out Paper Fish and Creatures

These cute sea creatures are easy to cut out and can be displayed throughout your room. This printable pack has a bunch of sea animals and hands-on activities to help your students make their own decorations!

20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas
20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas

8. Custom Wall Signs & Borders

Use pastel editable labels to create your own custom signage around the classroom. Blue, green, and yellow pieces perfectly fit the sea theme!

9. Caught Being Kind Display

This fish-themed display is a great way to celebrate your students when they're kind to each other. If you want to cultivate kindness in your classroom this year, get the free download here.

20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas

10. "Whale-Come" to the Classroom Welcome Signs

Use your editable letters and some paper to create a whale-themed window display.

20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas

11. Fish-Themed Table Signs

Name your student groups after ocean animals or locations, like Team Baby Shark or Team Sea Turtles! Whether fish-themed, whale-themed or ocean-themed, your student groups will look beautiful in your classroom! 

12. Ocean-Themed Daily Schedule

Set up your daily agenda to match your underwater theme with ocean theme class schedule cards. Or, even better, customise The Hive's digital visual timetable with ocean-themed colours. It will make every day feel like a trip to the beach!

13. Underwater Alphabet Wall

Especially for primary teachers, we need the alphabet front and centre to help our students understand ABC order. Use ocean colour alphabet letters to tie into your theme.

14. Sea Life Bulletin Board Letters

Set up your sound walls, bulletin boards and headings with sea-life or beach-themed letters! 

15. Editable Ocean Labels & Tags

Ocean-themed tags are a fun way to label your students' desks or to show what's in your tubs and containers. Pick customisable tags, so you'll be able to use them again and again.

16. Ocean Classroom Decor

Add decorations that make you think of the ocean to complete your ocean-themed classroom, like life preservers, sea shells, a treasure chest, fishing line, and more. 

These can be used to enhance your bulletin boards or display jars of shells for a nautical touch. 

This is a great chance to be creative and repurpose some items!

17. Ocean-Themed Birthday Wall

Set up your birthday wall with these adorable shells! There is even a printable birthday poster to wish each of your students a happy birthday!

18. Under the Sea Classroom Jobs

To help your students have ownership over the classroom and to keep your room in good order, it's a great idea to assign jobs. These free under-the-sea-themed classroom helper displays are the perfect way to do this while sticking to the theme!

20 Colourful & Creative Under the Sea Classroom Ideas

19. Underwater Sensory Bins

Start your days with sea-themed sensory bins to support different skills and help your students begin their day engaged in learning.

20. Display your Favourite Books

For the first day of school, decorate your classroom library with your favourite ocean-themed books, like:

Be sure to have your books about sharks and whales front and centre! They'll be a big hit.

There are tons of under the sea classroom ideas out there! Whether you want to keep your theme specific to the beach or highlight ocean creatures, you can make this theme exactly your own.

Happy decorating!