Magic Eye Finger Spacers

Magic Eye Finger Spacers

These little magic eye sticks play a big role in helping my kids to learn to use finger spaces... and double as a magic eye to read back over their work and check for for errors! 

They are super cheap and easy to make. The sticks and eyes are both from Kmart, and stuck on with super glue- I definitely recommend using superglue over PVA glue. 

Our Magic Eyes are in high rotation at the start of the year as the kids are first learning how to write.

Our magic eye sticks continue to live on desks throughout the year. It makes me so proud whenever I spot kids being little self-regulated learners by choosing to pull them out to use during writing lessons. 

Here is one spotted in action during weekend recount writing in Term 2 of Kindergarten.

They continue to be used into Term 3 and 4 as well.