Sound Wall with Mouth Articulations NEUTRAL
Sound Wall with Mouth Articulations NEUTRAL
Sound Wall with Mouth Articulations NEUTRAL
Sound Wall with Mouth Articulations NEUTRAL

Sound Wall with Mouth Articulations NEUTRAL

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Are you looking to create a sound wall in your classroom? This comprehensive resource contains all that you need to create a phonics wall aligned with evidence-based synthetic phonics and science of reading approaches.

This resource includes over 500 pages with the following:

VOWEL SOUNDS- 2 display options

Option 1- sort according to the following:
  • Short vowel sounds
  • Long vowel sounds
  • R-controlled vowel sounds
  • Diphthongs
  • Schwa
Option 2: Vowel Valley
Vowel sounds are grouped according to the mouth articulation.

  • Stops: p, d, b, t, c/k, g
  • Nasals: m, n, ng
  • Fricatives: f, th, v, s, z, h, sh, zh
  • Affricates: ch, j
  • Glides: w, y
  • Liquids: l, r
  • Two Sounds: x, qu
For each sound, the following is included:
  • Poster with phoneme and picture
  • Articulation posters with PHOTOS - 2 sizes
  • Articulation posters with CLIPART
  • All spelling alternatives for each sound
Headers are included for:
  • All sound types (e.g. affricates. glides, diphthongs, r-controlled vowels)
  • Sound Wall
  • Consonants
  • Vowels
  • Vowel Valley
Also included:
  • Colour coded lock covers, to place over sounds that have not been taught. Remove when you 'unlock' the sounds.
  • Voiced or Unvoiced icons
Please note: this resource has been created from an Australian accent. For those with a US accent, 'or' and 'aw' displays are included for the vowel valley, and spelling alternatives are all separate so that you can pick and choose the ones that suit your accent. If you require any posters to be further adapted for your accent, please contact me.


SPELLING ALTERNATIVES INCLUDED- please get in touch if there's one that you require that isn't listed below:
a- a
e- e, ea, ai
i- i, y, u, ie, ui
o- o, a, ho
u- u, o, oo, ou
oo- oo, u, oul
oi- oy, oi
ow- ow, ou
ay- ay, ai, a, a_e, ey, ea, eigh, aigh, ei, et, au
ee- ee, ea, y, e, e_e, i, ie, ey, ay, ei, oe, eo
igh- igh, y, ie, i, i_e, is, uy, ai, eigh, ye
oa- oa, o_e, o, oe, oo ew, ough
oo- oo, ew u_e, ue, oe, ough, ui, ou
yu- u ue, ue, ew
er- er, ir, or, ur, ear, our
or- aw, or, al, ore, au, ough, ar, oar, oor, our
ar- ar, a, ear, er, au
air- air, ear, ere, are, eir, ayer
eer- eer, ear, ere, ier, er, eor, eir
schwa- er, ar, or, ure, a, e, i, o, i, our, au
p- p, pp
d- d, dd, ed
b- b, bb
t- t, tt, ed, bt
c/k- c, k, ck, ch, que, cc, che
g- g, gg, gh, gu, gue
m- m, mm, mb, lm, mn
n- n, nn, kn, ne, gn, pn
ng- n, ng
f- f, ff, ph, ugh, ft
th- th voiced, th unvoiced
v- v, ve, f
s- s, ss, ce, se, c, sc, ps, st
z- z, zz, se, ze, s, x, ss
h- h, wh
sh- sh, ch, ti, ci, s, ss, ci, sci, ssi, ce, c, xi
zh- s, si, ge
ch- ch, tch, t, tio, c
j- j, g, gg, ge, dge, d, dg
w- w, wh
y- y, io
l- l, ll, le
r- r, rr, wr, rh
x- x, xe, cks
qu- qu

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