Phonics Sound Charts - NEUTRAL
Phonics Sound Charts - NEUTRAL
Phonics Sound Charts - NEUTRAL
Phonics Sound Charts - NEUTRAL

Phonics Sound Charts - NEUTRAL

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This comprehensive phonics sounds chart contains all that you need to support your students in spelling and writing with an evidence-based synthetic phonics and science of reading approach.

This sounds chart resource contains a variety of different options that will allow you to provide your students with their own individual phonics sound charts to have on their desks to support them as they spell words.

  • Sorted by vowel sound (with symbols)
  • Sorted by vowel sound (without symbols)
  • Sorted by articulation (Vowel Valley)

  • Sorted by articulation (see below)
  • Sorted by alphabetical (single sounds) and then digraphs

Consonant Sound Articulation:
  • Stops: p, d, b, t, c/k, g
  • Nasals: m, n, ng
  • Fricatives: f, th, v, s, z, h, sh, zh
  • Affricates: ch, j
  • Glides: w, y
  • Liquids: l, r
  • Two Sounds: x, qu

Also included are smaller sized posters that can be displayed using the Ikea-Style Tolsby frames.

Please note: this resource has been created from an Australian accent. For those with a US accent, 'or' and 'aw' displays are included for the vowel valley, and spelling alternatives are all separate so that you can pick and choose the ones that suit your accent. If you require any posters to be further adapted for your accent, please contact me at !

Other synthetic phonics and SoR resources that may be helpful:

For more information on how to use these posters, download your free copy of the #frothinonphonics handbook here: #frothinonphonics handbook

SPELLING ALTERNATIVES INCLUDED- please get in touch if there's one that you require that isn't listed below:
a- a
e- e, ea, ai
i- i, y, u, ie, ui
o- o, a, ho
u- u, o, oo, ou
oo- oo, u, oul
oi- oy, oi
ow- ow, ou
ay- ay, ai, a, a_e, ey, ea, eigh, aigh, ei, et, au
ee- ee, ea, y, e, e_e, i, ie, ey, ay, ei, oe, eo
igh- igh, y, ie, i, i_e, is, uy, ai, eigh, ye
oa- oa, o_e, o, oe, oo ew, ough
oo- oo, ew u_e, ue, oe, ough, ui, ou
yu- u ue, ue, ew
er- er, ir, or, ur, ear, our
or- aw, or, al, ore, au, ough, ar, oar, oor, our
ar- ar, a, ear, er, au
air- air, ear, ere, are, eir, ayer
eer- eer, ear, ere, ier, er, eor, eir
schwa- er, ar, or, ure, a, e, i, o, i, our, au
p- p, pp
d- d, dd, ed
b- b, bb
t- t, tt, ed, bt
c/k- c, k, ck, ch, que, cc, che
g- g, gg, gh, gu, gue
m- m, mm, mb, lm, mn
n- n, nn, kn, ne, gn, pn
ng- n, ng
f- f, ff, ph, ugh, ft
th- th voiced, th unvoiced
v- v, ve, f
s- s, ss, ce, se, c, sc, ps, st
z- z, zz, se, ze, s, x, ss
h- h, wh
sh- sh, ch, ti, ci, s, ss, ci, sci, ssi, ce, c, xi
zh- s, si, ge
ch- ch, tch, t, tio, c
j- j, g, gg, ge, dge, d, dg
w- w, wh
y- y, io
l- l, ll, le
r- r, rr, wr, rh
x- x, xe, cks
qu- qu

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