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Show Don't Tell Descriptive Writing & Vocabulary Displays, Posters & Flip Charts

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These Show Don't Tell displays and anchor charts can be used to work on descriptive language techniques. Teach students to show, rather than tell, different emotions in their creative writing.

Modelled Show Don't Tell examples are included for emotions (what would you eyes, feet, hands, stomach and mouth be doing?) and places (what can you see, feel, hear, smell and taste?)

This resource includes 14 posters for different emotions & feelings.

Emotions/feelings included:
  • afraid
  • happy
  • sad
  • angry
  • shocked
  • tired
  • nervous
  • shy
  • hot
  • cold
  • proud
  • excited
  • impatient
  • sick
INCLUDES SECOND SET OF POSTERS- sized to fit Tolsby Frames or equivalent from Ikea.

Also included:
  • Show Don't Tell bunting (colour and black/white)
  • Show Don't Tell general displays for emotions, places & other things that you can show, not tell (weather, actions, animals, transport, events)

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