Report Comments - Word Bank for General Comments
Report Comments - Word Bank for General Comments
Report Comments - Word Bank for General Comments

Report Comments - Word Bank for General Comments

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Are you writing reports and looking for some inspiration for your general comments? Look no further! This document has got you covered!

Over 18 pages are included with ideas for:

  • Positive introductory sentence
  • Overall progress
  • Can Do/Areas of Strength
  • Working Towards/Next Steps
  • Interests/Achievements
  • Final Comment

Some additional report writing and grammar tips are also included. 


  • Progress
  • Ability
  • Effort
  • Attitude
  • Focus
  • Growth Mindset
  • Work Presentation
  • Communication
  • Resourcefulness
  • Behaviour
  • Manners
  • Social Skills
  • Collaborative Skills
  • Bonus: Learning from Home

You can pick and choose how you use these ideas, but here’s my suggested format for a general comment:

1️⃣ Positive introductory sentence e.g. Jeremy is a diligent student who is eager to share his knowledge on a range of topics.

2️⃣ Overall progress e.g. He has made significant improvement across all Key Learning Areas this semester.

3️⃣ Can Do/Areas of Strength e.g. Jeremy completes tasks thoroughly and with quality in mind. He is always willing to use feedback to improve the quality of his work.

4️⃣ Working Towards/Next Steps e.g. Jeremy is building his resilience in social situations, and is learning to negotiate roles when working in small groups.

5️⃣ Interests/Achievements e.g. He has shown particular interest in gymnastics lessons this term, with a consistent dedication to improving his skills.

6️⃣ Final comment (you might borrow from the Areas of Strength section again, and ensure you touch on social skills if not covered previously) e.g. Jeremy often supports his peers and celebrates his achievements. He is commended for his strong work ethic this year.

Available as PDF or PowerPoint (if you'd like to copy/paste comments directly into your report drafts.

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