Recount Writing PowerPoint
Recount Writing PowerPoint
Recount Writing PowerPoint
Recount Writing PowerPoint

Recount Writing PowerPoint

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Are you teaching recount writing in the early years? This powerpoint will support and scaffold students as they are learning to first write recounts.

 The repetitive nature of weekly recounts allows students to build up their writing stamina and develop their writing skills. The familiar scaffolds reduce the cognitive load for students, freeing them up to focus on developing their punctuation, sentence structure, descriptive language, and longer pieces of writing.

This powerpoint includes:

  • Slides about "Magic writing"- a great trick for students when they are first learning to write.
  • Sample one sentence weekend recounts "E.g. On the weekend I went to the beach".
  • Interactive scaffolds for one sentence recounts: (On the weekend I went to...., On the weekend I played...., On the weekend I....) There are visuals to support students and editable slides where you can adjust the sentence or font.
  • 2 sets of levelled recount samples (7 or 8 levels included) to demonstrate to students the progression of writing skills when writing a recount.
  • Editable writing scaffolds for longer recounts. You can select how many sentence openers you wish to include, and also use icons to differentiate expectations for different students. A wide variety of sentence openers are included, as well as editable boxes where you can add your own or change to your own font.

Please note that you will need Powerpoint in order to access this file.

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