R-Controlled Vowels | ER Sound Powerpoint
R-Controlled Vowels | ER Sound Powerpoint
R-Controlled Vowels | ER Sound Powerpoint
R-Controlled Vowels | ER Sound Powerpoint

R-Controlled Vowels | ER Sound Powerpoint

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Do you need help with how to teach phonics for r-controlled vowel sounds? This r-controlled vowel phonics lesson powerpoint will help to show you how to teach phonics step by step for the er sound.

Over 550 slides are included with a range of phonics activities with er sound words and sentences including words with er words.

This explicit phonics lesson powerpoint is designed for Year 1, 2 or 3 students.

This PowerPoint will also be included in a bundle with other r-controlled phonemes. It contains everything that you need for teaching r-controlled vowels.

Each Powerpoint contains a learning progression that includes:
  • Introduction to metalanguage (including phoneme, grapheme, digraph, split digraph, trigraph, quadgraph, long vowel, short vowel)
  • Interactive activities (spin a sound, thumbs up/thumbs down, which spelling looks correct?)
  • Word blending using all the main spelling options for the /er/ phoneme
  • Find the pattern- discover when to use different /er/ graphemes
  • High frequency word focus
  • Decodable sentences (using the target phoneme and high frequency words)
  • Find the missing sound- select the correct grapheme choice
  • Phoneme Boxes- segmenting words into each sound
  • Trash or Treasure- real and nonsense decodable words
  • Sentence Doctor- edit the sentences to fix the spelling mistakes

These slideshows can be inserted into any synthetic phonics program. You can cut/paste slides to suit your lesson needs. Each slideshow is designed to be used over a few weeks to introduce, teach and reinforce each set of sounds. Students use whiteboards to record sounds, words and sentences and more.

There is a hyperlinked Contents Slide which helps you to easily navigate to each section. Each slide also contains a Home button to return you to the Contents.

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