Pun Student Gift Tags
Pun Student Gift Tags
Pun Student Gift Tags
Pun Student Gift Tags

Pun Student Gift Tags

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Use these gift tags to accompany inexpensive end of year gifts for your students. Two versions of the gift tags are included- with and without clip arts.

The following puns are included: 

* You are a STAR- use anything star related e.g. star stickers

* Your future is BRIGHT- highlights, sunglasses

* It's ok to make MISTAKES- erasers

* Leave your MARK on the world- pen, pencil, marker

* You have SPARKLED this year- glitter

* You BLEW me away- bubbles

* Always be FLEXIBLE- rubber band

* You are TREASURED- gold coins, treasure, chocolate coins

* BOUNCE BACK when things are hard- bouncy ball

* DOH NOT forget how special you are- play-doh

* DONUT forget how special you are- donut

* Thanks for being so SWEET- anything sweet

* SOAK UP new knowledge- sponge

* Your future is so bright, you're going to need SHADES- sunglasses

* You have been the HIGHLIGHT of my year- highlighter

* You are one SHARP student- pencil, sharpener

* Your learning has been ON POINT- pen, pencil

* This year has been SCENT-SATIONAL- anything scented

* It has been a TREAT being your teacher- any sweet treat

* You have COLOURED (COLORED) my world- coloured pencils, crayons or markers

* I'm your biggest FAN- fan

* I'm so proud I could BURST- starbursts or balloons

* You are UNFROGETTABLE- chocolate frogs

* Your learning is ON POINT- pencil, marker, pen

* I spy a superstar learner- magnifying glass

NOW includes versions from more than one teacher e.g. "You have coloured our world", "We're your biggest fans" etc.

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