Phonological Awareness Tub

Phonological Awareness Tub

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Create a tub of objects that can be used to practise a wide range of phonological and phonemic awareness skills (and numeracy skills as well).  Collect objects and group into collections based around a 4-5 sounds.

Ideas for objects could include:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Animals (mini toys, foam cut outs etc)
  • Buttons
  • Glass, wooden and plastic beads in the shape of objects
  • Fake leaves and flowers
  • Party supplies e.g. paper umbrella, balloon, candle
  • Mini versions of objects e.g. mirror, sponge, cloths
  • Balls
  • Yoyos
  • Mini eggs
  • Bells
  • Mini toys e.g. plane, action figures, dolls, teddies

Cut the corresponding letters for those sounds as well as a set of numeral cards and  place into a bag with the objects.

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