Phonics Powerpoint  | LL SS FF ZZ CK
Phonics Powerpoint  | LL SS FF ZZ CK
Phonics Powerpoint  | LL SS FF ZZ CK
Phonics Powerpoint  | LL SS FF ZZ CK
Phonics Powerpoint  | LL SS FF ZZ CK

Phonics Powerpoint | LL SS FF ZZ CK

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Are you looking for interactive, engaging phonics lessons for Kindergarten? This comprehensive PowerPoint bundle will support teachers in explicitly teaching the consonant digraphs ll ss ff zz and ck. It will set your students up for success and build strong phonics foundations as students first begin to learn how to read and write.

Over 800 slides are so far included for introducing:

  • words with ll
  • words with ss
  • words with ff
  • words with ck
  • words with zz

Students will immediately be learning how to apply the sounds in context by reading and spelling decodable words, decodable sentences, and many other interactive blending and segmenting activities.

This comprehensive slideshow contains a learning progression that includes:

- Introduction to metalanguage

- Interactive activities (click to hear sounds, spin a sound, follow the star to demonstrate correct letter formation)

- Decodable word blending

- Tricky heart words (high frequency irregular spellings)

- Decodable sentences

- Decodable Drag and Drop- match the words to the pictures

- Find the beginning, middle and end sounds

- Phoneme Frames- segment the sounds

- Find the missing sound

- Swap the sound

- Thumbs Up Thumbs Down - is this word correct?

- Thumbs Up Thumbs Down - which word is the correct spelling

All the decodable words, sentences and introduction to sounds are editable. The default font is Comic Sans MS, but this can be edited to include your own state font or any other font of your choice. See instructions for how to do this here. You can also cut/paste slides to suit your lesson needs. See instructions for how to do this here. 

Each PowerPoint is designed to be used over a few weeks to introduce, teach and reinforce each set of sounds. Students use whiteboards to record sounds, words and sentences.

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