No Hands Up Templates
No Hands Up Templates
No Hands Up Templates
No Hands Up Templates

No Hands Up Templates

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Help to encourage 'no hands up' in your classroom with these templates.

The 'no hands up time' or 'no hands up session' signs can be used to signal when a lesson is no hands up- this promotes student engagement as they know that any of them could be called upon to answer a question. You can add a battery operated light to the templates or just use as is.

Question prompts are also included for students to use instead of "I don't know". This helps to reduce anxiety when a student doesn't know the answer. Picture prompts are also included.

These questions and scaffolds include:

  • Can I have a clue?
  • Can I have some time to think?
  • Can you repeat the question?
  • May I ask a friend for help?
  • Can you ask that in a different way?
  • Can I have more information?
  • Where can I find more information?
  • When did we learn that?
  • I’m not sure but my best guess is…

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