Kindness Train
Kindness Train
Kindness Train
Kindness Train

Kindness Train

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Jump on board the Kindness Train with this super cute kindness display!

Print enough train carriages for every student in your class. They are sized to fit a standard post-it note, and are available in colour or black/white. Stick a post it note onto each carriage and write each student's name. Then get a different student to take a post-it note and write a kind message to their class mate, before sticking back onto the kindness train. At the end of the day/week, students can take their post-it notes home and you can repeat the activity as many times as you like.

Please note- you don't need to match the post it colours to the train carriages as I did- I just got lucky and had post-it notes in each of the colours... ;-) 

For more kindness resources (including all my #kindnessdominoes freebies) check out the Kindness Section of Mrs Learning Bee.

Small acts of kindness can start a domino effect. If you use this resource, or any of my other kindness resources, please feel free to share on Instagram with the hashtag #kindnessdominoes so that we can all enjoy seeing kindness in action!


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