Informational Texts Powerpoint
Informational Texts Powerpoint
Informational Texts Powerpoint
Informational Texts Powerpoint

Informational Texts Powerpoint

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This informational texts powerpoint contains everything you need to teach informational texts in the early years.

It includes:

  • Differentiating between fact, fiction and opinion (including interactive slides where students must decide whether statements are fact, fiction or opinion)
  • Classifying animals (fish, mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles)
  • Labelling diagrams
  • Sample Information Report in 3 levels
  • Information Report features (classification, appearance, habitat, diet and interesting fact)- each of these features has an icon to match.
  • Brainstorm pages for each information report feature
  • Writing scaffolds for Farm animals (editable)
  • Writing scaffolds for Australian animals (editable)
  • Writing scaffolds for Zoo animals (editable)
  • Writing scaffolds for Sea animals (editable)
  • Writing scaffolds for Minibeasts (editable)
  • Blank writing scaffolds (editable)


The brainstorm pages can be copy/pasted for your focus animal. Gather information from videos, books and other sources and add to the relevant slides on diet, appearance, habitat etc. Students can then complete their own information reports using the sentence scaffolds. This can either be completed all at once or over two days.If completing over two days, students complete classification and labelled diagram on the first day, and information about appearance, diet, habitat and other interesting facts on the second day.


Scaffold example is:

Cows are... (classification)

Cows have... (appearance)

Cows eat... (diet)

Cows live... (habitat)

Cows... (interesting fact)


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