Welcome to Mrs Learning Bee! I'm a former Kindergarten teacher and Assistant Principal based in Sydney, Australia. I have been teaching since 2010, mostly in K-2 classrooms.
My teaching passions include synthetic phonics and all things literacy, play-based learning activities, positive classroom management strategies, kindness and social-emotional learning.
I love to support teachers by creating engaging, research-based learning activities that support K-2 students in developing strong foundational skills and a love of learning, as well as resilient minds and kind hearts.

The evolution of Mrs Learning Bee

Mrs Learning Bee began as MISS Learning Bee back in 2017 when I started my teacher Instagram. I was blown away by the teacher community that exists on there. I have loved getting to know teachers from all over the world, and I am constantly inspired by the ideas that people share. It truly is the best FREE professional-learning and support network!

My goal is always to create practical, clear, research-based and thorough resources. I enjoy using classroom decor and clear learning displays to create welcoming, organised and effective classroom spaces. I also believe in making learning as fun as possible for students, so that kids develop a life-long love of learning. I’m a big believer in the importance of teaching kindness - teaching students to be kind humans is the most important life skill that anyone can learn.

It brings me a lot of joy to see my resources in action in classrooms all around the world!

Phonics & Beeyond FREE Handbook

The free Phonics & Beeyond handbook started out as a tiny seed of an idea. I was in the midst of training up K-6 staff in using an explicit & systematic synthetic phonics approach, which has consistently been found by research to be the most effective approach for teaching kids how to read and write. I ran professional development days, taught demonstration lessons across K-6 classes, developed a school-wide scope & sequence as well as lesson resources, and had teachers visit my classroom to observe how my own students were consolidating their phonics skills.

This experience got me wondering whether sharing my expertise with teachers beyond my school might also be helpful too, so I put it to my Instagram audience... and before I knew it, I’d found myself writing a handbook! The fourth edition launched in June 2022, and it is now a 250+ page handbook, full of content knowledge, effective pedagogies, teaching tips, hundreds of lesson and activity ideas, displays, resource recommendations and more! 

The Phonics & Beyond handbook is a comprehensive guide of how to effectively and systematically teach spelling and phonics in K-6 classrooms. I have received such lovely feedback from teachers all around the world and I am really proud that it has become such a support to so many teachers.

I feel very passionate about ensuring that all teachers can have access to the best research-based practices and training, even if they or their schools can’t afford expensive professional development. That’s why this handbook is, and will always remain, free. I’m so glad that it has helped teachers to feel more equipped to confidently approach such an important part of the curriculum- and I LOVE seeing hearing stories from teachers who have seen such improvements in their students’ learning as a result!

Did someone say FREEBEES?!

My dream is for mrslearningbee.com to be a learning hub that is chock-a-block full of value for you, with teaching tips, research, inspiration, and lots and lots of resources.

The FreeBee Library will be an ever-growing library of resources- many of them exclusive to this website. My hope is that it will make your lives just that little bit easier... and help your little learners to thrive! 

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