Staff Kindness Buddies

Staff Kindness Buddies

A kindness buddy system is one of my favourite ways to boost staff morale. Each staff member is allocated another person to perform a few random acts of kindness for throughout the week.

The random acts of kindness don't need to be anything extravagant- a kind message, a coffee or a treat on their desk... anything small to brighten their day and give one another a little pick me up!

It’s safe to say our staff love this initiative so much that they often go above and beyond! From favourite treats, surprise coffees, doing a staff member’s playground duty, ordering someone an Uber eats lunch or food from our fab canteen, gathering quotes from fellow colleagues or students, favourite flowers and little gifts... everyone feels very spoilt.

The last time that we did this, I felt especially lucky to receive a beautiful box of snacks and a super kind note. My kindness buddy knew I’m a savoury gal... apart from a weakness for Allens Snakes...! 

You can download the kindness buddy templates for free off Miss Learning Bee- just check the “staff well-being section”.

Feel free to share with anyone who might want to implement some form of Staff Well-being Week. It is one of the best things we ever implemented as an executive team a few years ago, and it is now a much loved part of our school calendar!