Staff Dress Up Ideas

Staff Dress Up Ideas

Dressing up as a staff can be a great way to promote positive staff wellbeing and a sense of school community. 

Here are some ideas for your next staff dress up day!

80s or Aerobics Theme

Pair with a good pun and/or staff aerobics session for maximum laughs! 




"This year has aged us"

Perfect for towards the end of the year... or after a long stint of remote learning!



Pyjama Day

Get ready for the comfiest work of your life... it will be hard to go back! 




For this one, our team combined spots and stripes! 



Dress ups don't have to be elaborate! For this Halloween dress up day, the Kindergarten team decided to stick to simple black cats!


101st Day of School

Ok, this one is usually for the kids, but the staff have a lot of fun with it too! You could adapt this one to become 101st day of work!



Spy Theme

This dress up coincided with a staff-wide game of Assassins. 


Double Denim



Yet another very comfortable dress up alternative! This one was held during a stint of remote learning!