Gratitude Wall Display

Gratitude Wall Display

Research consistently links gratitude with positive well-being. People who regularly acknowledge the goodness in their lives (i.e. practise gratitude) tend to be more satisfied, content, resilient, happy, and have a more positive outlook on life. They are less likely to experience negative emotions such as anxiety, envy or discontent. Gratitude also helps individuals to look beyond themselves, building stronger connections between family, friends, colleagues and even strangers. 

Like anything, gratitude needs to be practised so that it becomes habitual and second nature. In the classrooms, we can support our students' social-emotional development and well-being by helping them to develop a life-long habit of gratitude. 

One way that we can encourage gratitude in the classroom is through an Appreciation Station. By regularly recording what that they are grateful for and displaying in the classroom, students are encouraged to regularly reflect on, and appreciate, the many things that they have to be grateful for. 







Why not extend the gratitude beyond the classroom and into your staffroom as well? Here is an example of a Staff gratitude wall!



These gratitude wall templates can be downloaded for free from Miss Learning Bee