Virtual Transition to School

Virtual Transition to School

Are you running Transition to School sessions virtually? It's so important that we provide students with opportunities to transition to big school, even when we are unable to do that face-to-face. Here are some of the ways that we will be transitioning our students to Kindergarten this year. 


These Transition to School packs can be used to help support students in preparing to start school. They contain a range of different activities to work on name and letter formation, fine motor skills, and important life skills such as learning to open/close lunch boxes, put on shoes etc. We also include information packs for parents. You can find out more about what's included in our Transition to School Packs here


In lieu of face-to-face Transition Days, we will be running 3 virtual transition activities. We have included the activities in our Transition Packs, and will release a video to coincide with each virtual Transition Day. Parents will then be able to send us a photo of their child and their activity via Class Dojo- we have set parents up on this when they enrol their child. 

Our three virtual activities will be:

  • Transition Day 1: School Uniform Cut & Paste craft- students will cut/paste pictures of our school uniform and assemble it on the body.


  • Transition Day 2: Jellyfish counting craft- students will cut out the jellyfish tentacles and add dot stickers to match the numbers.

  • Transition Day 3: Name Craft- students will use pre-prepared pieces of coloured paper to glue onto an outline of their name. 

You can download the templates for the School Uniform craft and the Jellyfish craft in the Transition to School section of the Freebee Library. 


Social stories are a brilliant way to help support children as they transition to new environments. They help to reduce anxiety and fear of the unknown by familiarising kids with what to expect throughout the school day, and also to show them the people who they will encounter.

Social stories can be printed or emailed out to parents. We encourage parents to read the social story multiple times in the lead up to starting school. It helps to make that first day of school a little more exciting and a little less daunting!

You can download my free editable Social Story template in the Transition to School section of the Freebee library. 



Keeping open lines of communication with parents is so important. Parents can be just as nervous as their kids about starting school- particularly if it is their first child!

We run virtual parent information sessions where we walk through all of the important things that parents need to know in the lead up to starting school- what skills to focus on, what to expect etc. 

You can download this parent presentation for free in the Transition to School section of the Freebee library. 

There is also a parent handout that accompanies this parent presentation:

You will also find lots more Transition to School freebie resources there as well!