Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?

Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?

What are Fine Motor Skills?

A child’s fine motor skills determines their ability to precisely control smaller muscles in their hands, thumbs and fingers. These skills work together to provide the coordination required for many daily tasks.


Why are Fine Motor Skills important?

Fine motor skills are incredibly important for many simple tasks in daily life, such as holding and gripping small items, buttoning clothing, eating, turning pages and more. They are also important for skills such as writing, drawing, cutting and pasting, and using computer keyboards.

When a child starts school, fine motor skills become more refined. Children begin to develop the ability to  cut more precisely with scissors and write more precisely on lines, as well as write both letters and  numbers more clearly.

Fine Motor Development from ages 4-7

By the time a child is 4-5, it is expected that they can  cut on a line continuously, and copy a cross and square. They will be able to write their name and the numbers 1-5, as well as copy letters. It should be clear whether they are right or left handed by this stage, and they should be able to dress/undress independently.

By the time a child is 5-6, it is expected that they  should be able to cut simple shapes and cut/glue correctly. They should be holding their pencil correctly and colouring within the lines. It is expected that they can draw basic pictures and copy triangles.

From 6-7 years old, children should be able to form most letters and numbers correctly and write consistently on lines. They should be consistently holding their pencil correctly, with adequate control of the movement of the pencil or writing utensil.They should have a decent writing stamina and be able to tie their shoelaces independently.


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