Printable Writing Numbers Worksheets for Kindergarten

Printable Writing Numbers Worksheets for Kindergarten

Teach your students how to write their numbers with these writing numbers worksheets for kindergarten! They make learning how to write numbers so much fun that it won't even feel like learning!

One of the most important skills your kindergarten students will learn this year is how to form letters and numbers. These simple skills unlock so much future learning! Once they can write their numbers, they can move on to counting, simple addition, and more.

However, it can be quite tricky learning how to form each of those shapes. Our students' hands are changing so much in the early years; they need time to develop the fine motor strength and control to hold and use their pencils just right.

Instead of just printing off a bunch of number tracing worksheets, make it meaningful! Incorporate those important fine motor skills at the same time. Use playdough, daubers, and other manipulatives to make this important practice more interactive and engaging. When kids are having fun learning, they will want to keep practising!

Kindergarten Number Writing Worksheets, Activities, and Games

Below, you'll find some printable practice worksheets that you can use right away! Need some more ideas? Try these Kindergarten Number Writing Practice activities! There is a wide variety of math worksheets, task cards, games, and more to help your young learners practise number formation, counting skills, and much more. 

​Letter, Number, and Line Formation Mats

These free printable worksheets are such a help during those first few weeks of school. This download includes individual letters, numbers, and a variety of lines, and they're even customisable! You can make sheets to help your students practise writing their names, specific numbers, and more.  

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice

Pop them in pocket sleeves to use with dry-erase markers, or use the playdough sheets to make them even more hands-on!

Playdough 1-10 Ten Frame Mats

These playdough ten frame mats will help your students practise forming the individual numerals while also learning to represent them as ten frames.  

Best Printable Writing Numbers Worksheets for Kindergarten

These can also be used as preschool number worksheets to practise number recognition!

Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Need something you can print and use right away? These 1-10 tracing worksheets are an easy way to practise several early math skills: forming numerals, tracing the number words, and counting the units in different images. Since there are ten sheets, you can easily assign one a day or add them to pocket sleeves for ongoing review and practice.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice

Fine Motor Kindergarten Activities

This fine motor bundle includes even more number practice sheets, including pages with the number words and the numerals 1-10.

best printable writing numbers worksheets for kindergarten

You might also like these number formation task cards:

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice

There are also shapes, large patterns, and letters to offer your students extra fine motor practice. They're great for a math center or to send home during school breaks.

Dot the Number Worksheets

Part of learning how to write the letters is developing the muscle memory and hand strength to make these specific shapes. These interactive 1-20 worksheets are a great way to practise forming individual numbers without just writing them. Have your students "dot" or "drop" the number using daubers, droppers, or pom poms, depending on the materials you have in the classroom.  

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice
Kindergarten Number Writing Practice


Love this idea? These are some of the best toys for fine motor skills. Younger kids love using these to practice their math and writing skills!

Disappearing Digits

Once your students know how to form their numbers, give them some practice counting and following number order with this missing numbers chart. There are different levels, so you can either go from 1-10, 1-20, or 1-30, depending on how well your students understand the task. 

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice


Before and After Number Practice Writing Sheets

Instead of just practising writing the numbers, you can use these simple activities to test their understanding of number order. Students write the number that comes before and after each numeral. There are four differentiated levels with some pages that go up to 1-50, so you can use these all year long or in 1st Grade.

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice


You'll also find loads of Number Before & After printables and worksheets in The Hive:

Kindergarten Number Writing Practice

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kindergarten digital learning tools
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