36 Easy Easter Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

36 Easy Easter Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

These Easter writing prompts for kindergarten will help your students understand the meaning of Easter and use their own words to reflect. There are lots of ideas below - both religious and non-religious - and plenty of helpful tips to help you implement them appropriately with your kindergarten class.

These Easter writing activities will help your kindergarten students practise early writing skills while reflecting on the Easter holiday in their own way. 

The writing prompts below can be used in many different ways. They're great to use as a morning warm-up, or you could make a menu to let your young writers pick one topic to focus on for their writing. You could even cut them out and put them in plastic Easter eggs and have students write about a random prompt! 

Whatever you choose, they'll be a great way to build excitement for Easter!

Sentence Writing Tips for Kindergarten

It's a good idea to set some reasonable expectations here. Some of your kindergarten students may be able to write a complete sentence on their own, but most students will need quite a bit of modelling, scaffolding, and support.

  • Teach your students how to write complete sentences.
  • Allow them to practise their response orally before writing.
  • Model writing complete sentences with the whole class.
  • Offer sentence starters to set up their answers
  • Provide a list of words or a word bank to help them spell.
  • Show templates of different writing styles (like writing a letter or prayer).
  • Practise in small groups to offer 1:1 support.
  • Allow for visuals. Many kids at this age will need to balance written words with illustrations.
  • Consider writing the child's responses for them if needed.
  • Create a writing center with plenty of lined paper, a word bank, and any other resources they may need.
  • Model the writing process! Use this sentence editing checklist to help them make sure their writing is complete.

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Printable Story of Easter Activity Set

Before you begin these different activities, you might like to start with this Easter story printable! It includes several different resources, including:

  • a printable Easter story wheel
  • "What Easter means to me" writing paper
  • "My favourite verse" writing pages
  • Easter images with space for writing
Easter story Easter writing prompts for Kindergarten

These are great for home-schooled kids, Sunday School, or Christian schools looking for materials to celebrate Easter! You could also use to create an Easter bulletin board too.

36 Fun Easter Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

The following questions and prompts are perfect for primary students, including preschoolers, kindergarteners, and kids up to second grade! Some are more concrete and obvious, like asking about their favourite chocolate, while others are more abstract and complex.  Offer a variety of different prompts to let your students find one they like the most!

Non-Religious Writing Prompts

1. What is the best part of the Easter holiday?

2. What is your favourite Easter memory? 

3. How do you like to celebrate Easter?

4. What are the best Easter traditions?

5. What is your favourite Easter chocolate?

6. Write a story about who would deliver the eggs if the Easter bunny was sick.

7. Which is better: a chocolate Easter bunny or jelly beans?

8. What do you like to eat for Easter breakfast?

9. How do you want to celebrate your Easter break?

10. Where would you hide Easter eggs?

11. Describe the best Easter egg hunt you've ever been on.

12. Explain how to decorate Easter eggs.

13. What is your favourite book about Easter?

14. How do you like to celebrate the first day of Spring?

15. Write a list of your 5 favourite Easter chocolates.

16. If you were an Easter bunny, what would you be called?

17. Write about the food your family makes for Easter dinner.

18. What is a good Easter gift to give?

19. What would you do if you were the Easter Bunny?

20. Write a letter to the Easter Bunny.

21. Tell a story about helping the Easter bunny hide eggs.

22. Tell a story about chocolate bunnies full of something magical.

23. If you could design your own Easter basket, what would you put in it?

24. Describe a time when you helped someone during Easter.

Religious Writing Prompts

1. Write the Easter story in your own words.

2. What is the true meaning of Easter?

3. What does Easter mean to you?

4. Why is it important that Jesus came back from the dead?

5. Why do you love Jesus?

6. Write a prayer for Easter.

7. What is your favourite verse from the Bible?

8. How do we celebrate new life at Easter?

9. What are you giving up for Lent? Why?

10. Why do we celebrate Easter?

11. Write a letter to Jesus.

12. Why do you go to church on Easter Sunday?

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