23 Best Morning Meeting Games & Activities for Kindergarten

23 Best Morning Meeting Games & Activities for Kindergarten

Start the day off right these with fun morning meeting games for Kindergarten! They're a great way to help your students get to know each other and form positive relationships.

Adding a daily morning meeting to your schedule is incredibly important! Whether your school allows for this time or not, it's a crucial way to build relationships in your classroom and start everyone off on the right foot. 

The goal is to start the day by bringing everyone together. You want every child to be seen, welcomed, and engaged. Morning meetings show a commitment to so much more than just covering the curriculum - you truly want each child to feel like they are part of a community. 

This can be a fantastic way to get everyone in the right headspace to learn and to shake off any frustrations or negative feelings they may have carried into the classroom.

Starting a Daily Morning Meeting Routine

If you're new to morning meetings, it's really helpful to understand the basic concept from Responsive Classroom. They recommend that your meetings have four components:

  1. Greeting
  2. Sharing
  3. Activity 
  4. Morning Message

You'll start by saying good morning to each other (often in some fun or silly way), then sharing how everyone is doing before playing a fun game or activity. Finally, you end the meeting with a special message that helps your class understand what is coming throughout the day and to start the day on a positive note. 

Change the activity at least every few days. I like to have a handful of games and then try a different one each day! You can also assign a game to each day of the week, or make it random.Try writing the names of your favourite games on popsicle sticks and have the student of the day pull one out!

However you want to do it, this little bit of time playing together is so important and will help your students shake off any negative feelings or frustrations from home and have fun with their teacher and classmates!

23 Best Morning Meeting Activity Ideas for Kindergarten

The great ice breaker games are all a fantastic way to either learn about each other or play. Many of them involve collaboration, which can be both challenging and so rewarding!

1. Simon Says

This is an oldie, but a goodie! Start by leading the class and then swap out the leader position with different students. This is a great activity to get some wiggles out, too!

2. Where the Wind Blows

This is a great way for the whole class to get to know each other! Everyone holds hands in a circle, and the leader says, "The wind blows for people who...." Anyone who likes or does what they add to the statement should move across the circle and find a new spot. 

For example, you could say, "The wind blows for people who love Pokemon!" Then, any kids who like Pokemon move across the circle to find a new spot.

3. Four Corners

Assign a preference or opinion to each corner of the room, and have students head to one to show what they like. 

For example, assign each corner a type of candy (lollipops, chocolate, bubble gum, or sour candies). Each student must find a corner and chat with the other kids who like the same thing. This is such a wonderful way to see who likes the same things and make some connections! 

4. Beach Ball

If you have access to an outdoor space, this is a great activity to play with a little more room! The goal is to keep the beach ball off the ground, so each student needs to help keep it afloat. 

5. Silent Ball

This is one of the most popular classroom games! Kids love it because they get to sit on their desk and throw the ball around the classroom. The goal is to catch the ball each time and not make a sound. If you miss the ball or make a sound, you're out.

6. Would You Rather

This is a great game to play at the beginning of the year when your students are just starting to learn about each other. You can either talk about their answers in the circle or have them move to a spot in the room to show their preferences.

Feel free to make it silly or ask serious questions, too. Here are some examples:

Would you rather...

  • Eat a raw egg or a worm?
  • Have a pet chicken or a pet turtle?
  • Live in a zoo or underwater?
  • Be smart or have a lot of money?

You might like to use The Hive's Would You Rather morning slides!

morning meeting games and activities for kindergarten

7. Share Chair

At the beginning of the school year, have one student share about themselves daily. Think of it like show-and-tell, but they don't have to bring anything into school if they don't want to. They can share about their family, their hobbies, etc. 

This is a fantastic way to build a classroom community early on and help your students learn more about each other.

8. Marco Polo

Pair your students up and have them create their own phrases to find each other across the classroom, like the classic game Marco Polo. It's a good idea to play this one outside or somewhere without a lot of desks to trip over!

9. Mirror

Pair students together and have them copy each other's actions as if looking into a mirror. This one may require modelling in a mirror to show them how the movements are reversed. It's challenging to pay attention to their own body while watching their partner!

10. Create a Dance

Kids love to move, and it's so much fun to have them share their talents and skills! Have your students work on creating a dance together. They should practice it and try to get to the point that they are totally synced up in their movements! 

Through this, they'll learn how to practice their communication skills, overcome disagreements, and think about the movements they're making with their bodies. It's also great for practicing fine motor skills!

11. Duck, Duck, Goose

This is a classic game for the Kindergarten and preschool crowd, and your kids will love it! The great thing is that you can play for just one or two short rounds or keep it going for longer. It's also a fun brain break during the middle of the day.

12. Musical Chairs

I’m sure you’ve played this classic game before! It's a great way to get kids up and moving and can be such a fun game. 

It can be frustrating, so this is a good chance to work through disappointments and to become more emotionally resilient. Another option is to play this without removing a chair or have eliminated students move to another fun activity, like a colouring page, etc.

13. Buzz (or Sparkle)

There are so many different ways to play this game, and you can use it to reinforce academic skills, like letter order, number order, and more. 

One great way to play in a kindergarten classroom is to use it to practice identifying vowels and consonants. Each student in a circle says the next letter in the alphabet. Anytime there is a vowel, that student needs to say "buzz" or "sparkle." If they forget, they're out, and the circle keeps going until there is one winner left.

Feel free to adapt this game however you see fit, and instead of eliminating the students who get the letters wrong, find another way to include them to keep them engaged in the learning.

14. Hot Potato

Grab a stuffed animal (or stuffed potato) and have students toss it around while music is playing. When the music stops, whoever has it is out! 

Feel free to adjust the rules of this game. Try having whoever has the toy at the end choosing the game for the next day!

15. Telephone

What a great way to practice careful listening! Whisper a word into the ear of one student, and have them whisper to the next student, and so on until the word makes it all the way around. I like to use vocabulary words for this to give them another chance to learn these important words.

16. Scavenger Hunt

Make up a little scavenger hunt to have students find different things around the room. 

In Kindergarten, it's great to focus on items connected to the skills they're learning, like looking for things that start with a specific letter or color. You can also have them look for things that are certain shapes or sizes. 

This is a great way to get your kids up and they'll be so eager to find everything!

17. Pictionary

Most kids love drawing or guessing pictures! Fill a fish bowl with slips of paper with a different animal, food, or item. Take turns having students draw these pictures to see if their classmates can guess them. 

It can be helpful to talk about how to be encouraging to others beforehand to avoid any unkind observations!

18. Letter Game

The goal is to have kids think of different things that start with a specific letter. This is a fantastic way to build phonemic awareness! 

Choose from different categories, like animals, movies or TV shows, foods, etc. Write each letter on a popsicle stick, draw one, and have them think of or find something in the room that starts with that first letter. 

19. Sing a Welcome Song

Music can be such a relaxing way to start the day! Choose a song to sing together to get everyone involved.

20. Ask a Question

Before your kindergarten students come to the carpet for morning meeting time, post a question on the board. These daily questions can be simple, like asking about what they had for breakfast or their favourite TV show, or you can ask about their personalities or preferences. 

As your kids start to write, you can have them answer these fun morning meeting questions as part of their morning work, then discuss them when they come to the carpet.

21. Staring Contest

Practise making eye contest by hosting a staring contest! It's quick, absolutely no-prep, and they love trying to keep a serious face!

22. Don't Laugh

This is a fun game that always gets your students' attention! The goal is for kids to try to make each other laugh while the other partner really tries to keep those giggles in. It always ends with everyone cracking up, which is the perfect way to release some stress and set your class up for a great day!

23. Build a Pattern

Use the Shape Counting app in The Hive to build a specific pattern. Have your students add the next 2-3 pieces of the pattern each day on your interactive whiteboard. You can even connect this app to a specific time of day, so it's ready to go whenever you need it!

morning meeting games and activities for kindergarten

Want to simplify your morning routine?

The Hive has everything you need to set your mornings up for success! Easily set up interactive slides for each part of your meeting, including your whole morning meeting routine and daily activities.

Here are just a few of the morning routine apps which are available:

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morning meeting games and activities for kindergarten

morning meeting games and activities for kindergarten

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morning meeting games and activities for kindergarten

You can even play mindful breathing videos to calm your class down when they're stressed or overly silly!

It's the easiest way to organise your day and makes it much easier to incorporate these important moments into your daily routine. 

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