Let’s talk about BEHAVIOUR.

Behaviour/classroom management is one of my big hobby horses. Forget evidence-based teaching strategies or the latest whiz-bang resources. Strong classroom management MUST come first. Without it, those strategies or resources won’t be anywhere near as effective!

I start the year by establishing and explicitly teaching our classroom expectations/rules. I believe all class rules can fall under the expectations of being safe, respectful or a learner. These are our school wide expectations, and so we explore what that looks like in our classroom.

All rules/expectations are positively stated (e.g. walk in the classroom rather than don’t run) and explicitly taught, modelled and practised.


I use these cards to identify specific behaviours that we need to work on, and we set daily/weekly goals where those behaviours become our focus.


You can find lots more tips for establishing a positive classroom environment in my FREE K-6 Guide to Establishing Classroom Expectations. And you will also find these positive behaviour displays on my TPT as well.